🎁 Personal Gift Guide

I don't expect gifts for any special event, as I prefer to show and receive love in other ways.

But since gift giving is a staple in our consumption-based capitalist society, I've made a gift guide so that people who feel the desire to get me a gift can find something that I will truly appreciate and use in my daily life!


The best way to send me a gift is to give money to someone in need. Some of my favorite charities are listed below:

  • Charity Navigator - A charity watchdog that rates charities so people can make informed decisions about the entities they contribute money to

  • Charity: water - Provides clean water to those most in need

  • Doctors Without Borders - Provides medical care to those most in need

  • Freecodecamp - Teaches basic programming skills for free to anyone who can access the internet

  • ACLU - Protects civil rights from those who attempt to take them away

  • Mozilla - Makers of Firefox and champions of a free, open, private web

  • KUOW (Seattle NPR station) - My local NPR station, since a free press is essential to a functional democracy

  • Modest Needs - Provides help (similar to a GoFundMe type system, but the money goes straight to the creditor) to those who have slipped through our social safety net and are on the precipice of poverty

  • The Trevor Project - Provides suicide prevention resources for LGBTQIA+ youth who don't have a support network at home, school, church, or elsewhere in their community

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation - Dedicated to preserving civil rights and privacy in the digital world

  • Food Empowerment Project - Vegan non-profit that strives to educate the public and push for a more equitable food system and protections for workers that produces our food


Subscriptions are recurring costs for apps that I app-solutely adore! These are the best way to win my heart, because you enable me to keep my life organized, enjoy tons of music, and watch some amazing TV and movies.

  • Standard Notes - Encrypted note taking app, and also how I publish stories to my blog

  • YNAB - One of the best budgeting applications out there

  • The New York Times - I hit the NYT paywall so often that I'd love a subscription

  • The Seattle Times - Supporting local journalism is vital to a functioning democracy

  • Spotify - Background music while working keeps me sane, and discovering new music when at home or on the go adds joy to my life

  • Netflix or HBO Max - Love some good TV and movies

  • Dropout - An independent comedy streaming service with excellent live-play D&D, game shows, and comedy bits

Digital Items

If you're not into subscription-giving, digital items are the next best thing.

  • Nintendo Switch games - You'll probably have already heard about the next game I'm excited for, otherwise just ask!

  • Steam games - Anything from my wishlist would be much appreciated! Alternatively, Steam gift cards work great.

  • Audio or digital books - Preferably not from Amazon. Any ePub book format or MP3 works brilliantly.

Physical Items

These are the last resort. I strive to bring new items into my life in a deliberate fashion in order to reduce my environmental impact, so physical gifts often end up being wasteful because they don't exactly fit my needs:

  • REI Wish List - Helping me get out into the beautiful Pacific Northwest with new gear that enables new adventures will always be appreciated

  • Books - I'll read anything. Seriously. Throw it my way!

  • Consumables - Candles, candies and snacks, gift cards to restaurants, or tickets to experiences are fantastic

  • MeUndies - Love me some MeUndies, whether socks, undies, or comfortable clothing!

  • Darn Tough Socks - Amazing socks for adventuring or even just lounging around the house