Just Write!

Writing is hard.

And scary.

Whenever you put hard and scary together, it turns into an insurmountable challenge.

It’s the wall I’ve been facing for the last few months as I’ve written and re-written dozens of blog posts. It’s the lack of momentum I feel when trying to flesh out the bones of what could become three solid books.

From what I’ve gathered, writing never gets easier.

So then, I have make it un-scary. I have to face my fear of never measuring up. Of people laughing at my prose. Of nobody even reading my words. And the only way to beat it is Nike the ever-living hell out of it.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m just doing it.

Am I going to stumble out of the gate and do whatever the equivalent of a face-plant on the Internet is? Yeah. But who cares? The more I try, the fewer times I’ll fall on my face.

There’s an ancient Chinese philosopher dude who had a pretty good idea:

The Journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Lao Tzu

This is my first step.

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