How have I never managed to make it out to Denver before? I’m kicking myself because I had never stopped in what is now one of my favorite cities!

I flew to Denver last week for a business trip and immediately fell in love. Why?

  1. I was able to take a train from the airport to the center of the city in just 30 minutes.
  2. The first thing I saw when I stepped out of the station was a bike-share program.
  3. The second thing were bike racks and bike lanes that were actually being used!
  4. Denver is walkable. There are pedestrian bridges, the hotels are pretty well mixed in with the restaurants and office buildings, and the stadiums for the Nuggets, Rockies, Avalanche, and Broncos were right in the city! Plus, there are plenty of buses available to take you all over.
  5. The food is fantastic and varied. I was able to try a few new dishes from cultures around the world.

All of that (except maybe the food) is in stark contrast to Dallas, which has an awful public transportation system. It takes over an hour to go from the city center to the airport by train. And if you try riding your bike, you’ll have scores of angry drivers running you down simply for existing.

Dallas is a city so purposefully built for cars that you wonder how humans manage to survive there.

While I missed my wife and puppy terribly, Denver is a great city. I’m looking forward to going back in the future, especially as fall and winter approach!

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