2017’s List of 52 Things

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Each new year I create a list of 52 things I would like to accomplish. I’ve been doing it since 2014, and it’s helped me do a lot more things than I would have otherwise.

But before I dive into my goals for 2017, I need to take a minute to reflect on what I did in 2016. Last year I only completed 14 of the 52 things I set out to do — an abysmal result. It gets slightly better when you look at the 13 other things that I made progress on, but that still leaves me with not even touching 25 of my goals.

I’m obviously looking to improve on that going forward. So why did I do so poorly this year?

Well, the categories I rocked can be broadly categorized as “consumables”. I read over 30 books, watched almost 30 movies, listened to countless hours of podcasts, and ate plenty of delicious food. That stuff is easy for me. I’m a homebody. And, as a homebody, I consume.

I failed in the “experiences” category. I didn’t go to the places I listed, like sporting events and community meetups. Part of that is because I’m not a huge fan of strangers. Another part is because I didn’t make those things a priority.

But this year, things are going to change. I just finished putting all 52 things into my todo list app, Todoist. Last year, I created a great task system that has helped me improve in many areas of my life, and now I’ll leverage that system to make sure I have plenty of experiences in 2017.

I’ve also cut back on the number of categories (no subheadings or overly specific categories on my consumables) which has simplified my goals a bit.

So, here’s what I’m planning on doing in 2017:


  1. Run 52 miles.
  2. Ride 200 miles.
  3. Develop a regular habit of bouldering.
  4. Develop a regular habit of strength training.
  5. Develop a regular habit of meditation.
  6. Develop a regular habit of journaling.
  7. Reach target weight of 170lbs.
  8. Get a wellness checkup.


  1. Read 4 fantasy books.
  2. Read 4 science fiction books.
  3. Read 2 biographies.
  4. Read 2 non-fiction books.
  5. Read 4 books from categories I don’t usually read.
  6. Watch 10 movies from the IMDB Top 250.
  7. Watch 10 other movies or documentaries.
  8. Watch 5 television shows.
  9. Curate a balanced podcast playlist with a variety of topics.
  10. Play 5 new video games.
  11. Find 3 quality YouTube channels.
  12. Subscribe to the Seattle Times to learn more about the local area.


  1. Go to a Seahawks game.
  2. Go to a Sounders game.
  3. Go to a Mariners game.
  4. Visit Vancouver, Canada.
  5. Visit Portland.
  6. Eat at 10 new restaurants.
  7. Cook 12 new vegan recipes.
  8. Go to the Dota 2 International.
  9. Go explore Pike Place Market.
  10. Go snowboarding.
  11. Try skiing.
  12. Go to the Museum of Pop Culture.
  13. Go to a musical.
  14. Find a local organization and regularly volunteer there.
  15. Join a sports team or group.
  16. Take an improv class.
  17. Go out on the lake.


  1. Develop a habit of daily writing.
  2. Develop a habit of writing a Medium article once a week.
  3. Create a detailed book outline.
  4. Complete a NaNoWriMo novel.


  1. Max out my 401(k).
  2. Max out my IRA.
  3. Get three months of expenses in the emergency fund.
  4. Stick to our budget four straight months.
  5. Start saving for investment opportunities.


  1. Get promoted.
  2. Write a work related blog post once a month.
  3. Attend a work related meetup once a quarter.
  4. Get all my sites off of my Bluehost server and onto AWS.
  5. Create a website for 52 Things.
  6. Get an AWS certification.

If you haven’t had much luck with New Year’s resolutions in the past, try switching up your system. I’ve found that 52 Things works well for me (although I should technically turn these all into SMART goals to improve even more), and it may be just the thing for you!

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

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