Catastrophizing for Good

So my friend and I were talking about how crazy 2020 has been. Both of us can be pessimistic at times about the direction our country is headed (or as I call it, being realistic), so we did some catastrophizing with over-the-top things so we can be wrong about some of the bad stuff coming up this year.

I ended up writing a short story! I really enjoy creative writing and need to do it more! The story below could use a bit more substance, dialog, descriptions, and all the stuff that makes a story great, but until I get around to fleshing it out, I thought I'd share the texts I sent!

The Hairpiece

I bet that Trump loses, refuses to step down, and the military backs him.

we go full on "man in the high castle"

and you and I join Antifa

we plan an ocean's 11 type adventure to steal Trump's hairpeace, removing all his power

*hairpiece lol

turns out, Trump is actually a really good fighter

so we fight him and you tear his hairpiece off

and it

turns him into a lizard personnnnnnn

and so then we're like, oh shit, Alex Jones was right

and Alex Jones bursts through the wall, Kool-aid man style

so we join his elite lizard fighting team, which we take into space

turns out they have a moon base

well, thankfully the hairpiece has the key to stopping all the lizards

we reverse engineer the cloaking technology in the hairpiece and use it to disguise ourselves while we infiltrate the moon base

we learn their customs, live among them

eventually we realize, they're just people too

but we have mission

we discover where they keep the nukes, and go plant some malware (turns out, they LOVE Windows systems so it was easy to write a good malware bot)

but we get discovered!


we fight our way back to the ship

I lose an arm in an epic sword match with the biggest lizard man we've seen yet. I dispatch him, but the move costs me my arm

we get back to the ship and launch, taking our little lizard puppy Spiky along for the ride

and it blows up epicly in the background

we take the hairpiece home and display it predominantly. Thanks to its powers, we have wonderful new tech to lead us into a peaceful, new world.

It truly was

a hairpeace

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