One Simple Thing: Stop Using So Much Air Conditioning

Holy hell people, tone it down with the AC.

After moving to Utah, I've been freezing every day, regardless of what building I'm in, despite the outside temperature being 10+ degrees hotter than Seattle on average. Seattle hardly has any AC, and while I sometimes complain about it, I'm so much happier without our stupid human construct of "room temperature".

People are addicted to 72 degrees.

While that's a nice temperature when you're in long pants or multiple layers, it's absolutely chilling when you wear normal summer close, like shorts, a t-shirt, and no socks.

I have to sit underneath a blanket in the middle of summer because of the dumb AC.

AC is energy intensive. Our energy is dirty. Trying to achieve a 20+ degree differential between the inside and outside of your home is absolutely insane.

If we tried to live with our environment instead of molding it to our every whim, we'd be able to save energy, feel more closely connected to where we live, and be able to wear summer clothing inside during, you know, the summer.

So run over to your AC unit and bump it up to 76 or even more. Get our your lightweight clothing, and enjoy feeling the warmth of summer. Pop open some windows and create a cross breeze. Get a nice fan and bring it around the house with you if you get too hot.

But don't try to make your entire home "room temperature". You're wasting money, contributing to the death of our Earth, and are totally missing out on the joy of never wearing socks for months at a time.

The One Thing: Stop using so much air conditioning

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