RIP Mozilla

Mozilla, one of my favorite non-profits and a staunch defender of Internet freedom and privacy, has just gutted themselves.

Laying off 250 folks is a huge chunk of the company, and entire teams have been let go. From what I've seen from Mozilla employees on Twitter, that includes the following teams:

  • Servo - Their new web browser implementation that ultimately led to the Quantum update in 2017
  • MDN - One of the best web developer resources on the Internet
  • DevTools - My favorite tool for developing and debugging websites
  • Threat Management - Reviewing and preventing major security threats in the browser and add-ons will become almost impossible

I had always dreamed of working for Mozilla someday. The folks I follow on social media, blog posts, and other Mozilla-related spaces were some of the most forward thinking and intelligent individuals in the tech space. But with this change, I'm scared the Mozilla I knew and loved will never be the same.

We truly live in the darkest timeline. 2020 feels like whatever god-like being is playing their version of the Sims with our world decided it was time to increase the difficulty and see what happened. Mozilla is just one of the many, many casualties this year.

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