Back in Seattle!

I'm all settled in my new apartment in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. I spent some time this morning walking around the neighborhood and seeing what kind of food, shops, and entertainment are nearby and I found some real gems! The neighborhood is quiet but alive, and it's got basically all the things I need to enjoy living in an area (movie theater, variety of resturaunts, rock climbing gym, good bus routes, and a Trader Joe's)!

I miss being with family in Utah, but I also enjoy the independence that comes from moving to the big city. I wish COVID were over so that life could be a bit more normal, but until then I'll make the most of what coronavirus-era Seattle has to offer.

Next step is getting some rugs and decorations to mute a bit of an echo in my apartment haha. Luckily there are lots of cute shops nearby with that kind of stuff that I can explore and make this place really feel like home. After moving for the third time in less than ayear, I'm ready to stay in one place for a while!

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