Democracy Survives

Wow, what a day.

On January 6th, insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol building as Congress was certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. This came after Trump encouraged his fanatics to march to the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy.

The last time the Capitol was invaded was during the War of 1812, but this is the first time that traitorous flags were flown inside. They brought in Confederate and Trump flags, and I even saw a Mormon waving "The Title of Liberty" (a nationalistic rallying call created by a military general named Moroni, a character from the Book of Mormon).

These domestic terrorists stole government property, invaded the individual offices of Senators and House members, caused Congress to go into hiding in fear of their safety, and embarrassed us as a nation in front of the entire world.

And despite all this, the police response to a literal coup d'état stands in stark contrast to the BLM marches earlier this year. It's a damning indictment of the racism built into our system of policing. There are even photos of officers taking selfies with the terrorists. Only 15 or so people were even arrested today in DC.

But if you march peacefully demanding equal treatment under the law, you get a massive show of force, complete with police brutality.

Over 100 Republican members of Congress supported Trump's call to question the results of an election based on absolutely no evidence of fraud. The Grand Old Party has completed its transformation into the party of Trump, and it must be held accountable for what it's done to our nation. Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton (I still can't get over how his name would be considered too on the nose for a fictional racist... Truth really is stranger than fiction), and the other 12 Senators and 121 members of the House who have entertained Trump's failed coup should be expelled from Congress, just as we expelled those who supported the Confederacy back in the day.

I never thought I'd say anything like that, but damn, we live in extraordinary times.

What Trump did today is worthy of impeachment. Articles are already being drawn up.

What Trump did today is worthy of invoking the 25th Amendment. Discussions are already being had in the Cabinet.

And yet, I have little hope that either of those appropriate reactions to what will go down as the slowest, most incompetent coup d'état will happen in the last two weeks of what will surely be known as the worst US Presidency ever.

The next 13 days will be quite interesting. We're not completely out of this until Biden is sworn in as President. Keep your eyes peeled. You're (hopefully) not likely to see such insanity in US politics ever again, but there is still time for Trump to continue his hissy fit and maybe cause even more chaos.

But I think we've seen the worst after today. It looks like our democracy will hold. Congress reconvened and finished certifying the votes.

Joe Biden will be the next President, and while he was far from my first choice, I couldn't be happier that the party that birthed this coup d'état no longer is in power to continue fucking over our nation.

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