I'm Published on the Front Cover of Nature!

One of the recent issues of Nature magazine featured an article on the cover where I'm listed as an author!

That's not a sentence I have ever thought I would write. So cool.

If you want to check it out, the particular research article I'm listed on can be found on the Nature website and is open access so anyone can read it.

To be fair, I didn't write a single word. Nor do I understand much of anything the paper is saying! That's why I'm pretty far down on the list. But my name is still there, so it counts!

I'm credited due to my work on the Allen Brain Cell Atlas, which is a web-based data visualization tool for exploring scientific data. The images in the article can be reproduced with the ABC Atlas, allowing scientists to explore the data published by the Allen Institute so they can do their own research building on our data.

The issue came out a couple weeks ago so it's not likely floating around in stores anymore if you wanted to snag a copy (although, where can you even buy a magazine these days?). Despite it happening a while ago, I wanted to brag a little on my blog, even if it's just for myself when I look back at my blog archive in the future.

I almost did a PhD back when I was graduating college. I didn't because I wasn't really sure what I would want to research, plus industry money is very good. Someday I may go back and do a second career as an academic, but even if I don't do that it feels nice to have checked "being an author on a major research paper" off my bucket list!

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