Midterms are coming up. GO VOTE!

While I obviously have my preferences, I won't tell you how to vote, just to go do it.

There's one qualification on that: do not vote for election deniers. Our elections are safe and secure. It's a federated system that would take a multi-state conspiracy to enact, with thousands upon thousands of people needing to be involved. It's not happening. So don't vote for the idiots saying it is. That's how you get fascism.

You've only got until Tuesday, November 8th, so go get on it if you haven't already!

One awesome benefit of voting is that you are allowed to complain about how things are going in the country! If you're eligible to vote, don't vote, and then get mad at political actions, you have no right to say a thing since you didn't do the one thing that can make a difference.

So be like me!

Go do your civic duty and vote, drown your sorrows on election night, and bitch about the continual demise of the US on the Internet until the next election.


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