2022 Year In Review

Heyyyy 2022 wasn't half bad, right? And compared to the last few years we've had, 2022 was downright awesome.

While I didn't complete all my goals from my "52 Things" list, I managed to complete 29 of them, which I think is a new high (but I'm too lazy to go check). The list is always incredibly aspirational and gives me a wide variety of things to shoot for through the year, so I'm really happy with what I actually got done.

Here are some highlights:

  • Volunteered over 52 hours by programming a volunteer management system for a non-profit
  • Flossed every day for a week, and kept that habit going to the point where I'm now a daily flosser
  • Finally climbed a V5 and even managed to flash a couple of V5 problems
  • Filled my emergency fund with a full three months of (lean) spending
  • Read 68 books (and likely 70 by the time the year is done)
  • Beat six video games
  • Got promoted to Software Engineer III

In addition to items on my list, I had a great time in the outdoors this year. I climbed Mount Daniel, the tallest peak in King County, went on multiple backpacking and camping trips, and did a lot of outdoor climbing in addition to my regular sessions in the gym.

I also got to spend a solid five or six weeks with my family in Utah, split between a summer and winter trip. It's been great to get to see family that much each year. Three of my grandparents are still around so it's nice to see them while I still can. Plus my nieces and nephews are getting old enough where they'll actually remember me so I've been making an effort to see family regularly in order to not end up a mysterious uncle they see once every five years. And seeing my parents and brothers is always fun, especially because I'm terrible at remembering to call them regularly!

Work has continued to be a good fit for me with interesting projects, and we just expanded our team right before the holidays so I'm excited to see what we can accomplish next year. I really enjoy building web applications and I think that's what I want to keep doing for a long while yet. The web is absolutely fascinating! I got lucky that I stumbled into a career path that I enjoy.

Other than all that, life in general is pretty great, with regular fun experiences with friends and a comfortable routine that Rachel, Kaladin, and I have settled into now that we're seemingly done with the worst of the pandemic.

I've got some fun plans for next year, many of which include actually getting into great shape and tackling some hard climbing goals. I'm getting older and my somewhat sedentary lifestyle is creeping up on me... But with a little discipline I'll be able to smash all my physical health goals!

I think 2023 will be an excellent year. I'm excited to see what's next!

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